MAY 17-19, 2019 LOS ANGELES, CA

Thabiti Stephens

Thabiti Stephens is Chief of Staff with entertainment and business mogul Steve Harvey and his company Steve Harvey Global. In this role, Thabiti coordinates with an executive team in all aspects of business operations, including business development, investments, and day-to-day organization.

A big believer in financial literacy, Thabiti supports financial education in children and underserved communities. Thabiti is a qualified Chief of Staff holding a degree in Business Administration Cum Laude, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Psychology from Morehouse College.

Before joining Steve Harvey Global in 2015, Thabiti was founder and Chief Executive Officer of a shoe manufacturing company Steps by Stephens. In this role, Thabiti was responsible for all aspects of the company, marketing, operations, finance, distribution, IT, manufacturing, and customer support. Thabiti successfully ran this company for 5 years, receiving recognition from The White House, Fox News, Huffington Post and Black Enterprise before having a successful exit in 2015.

Thabiti’s varied background in entrepreneurship, marketing, business operations, finance, and business development provided the perfect foundation for assisting Steve Harvey invest, develop and acquire new business and opportunities to grow Steve Harvey Global.


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